Our History

Our staff have worked with a diverse range of Libraries creating specialized and unique solutions. This has ranged from a wide spectrum of Libraries including the unusual such as the development and maintenance of Submarine parts Inventory to even Medical Analysis Programs. The use of RAD (rapid application development) tools allows us to quickly prototype and test new features.

Installation of our software has ranged from Church Libraries to Public to School, College, University and Medical Libraries. LiBRARYSOFT has been installed on most of US Naval Fleet, Air force bases, Army bases and International US Military Libraries as well as within Canadian Military bases. We have developed particular solutions for Correctional Libraries including San Quentin, along with State Correctional Services in several States.

Why Choose Us

We use cutting-edge technologies

Our RAD tools allow us to make rapid changes. Run your library on a single machine, a network or even from across the web.

We have solutions

After twenty-five years of working with thousands of libraries we have solutions along with the support to help.

We provide qualified support

Our support team has experience, several with 25 years of working with our customers. We listen and help to effect improvements. Need a customized solution, please ask.

Join Our Team

Great companies are built with great staff, send us your resume.