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Twenty-four years of helping libraries like yours!

Overviews of our Products

Let us take care
of all the worries.

No installation required ! Log in from anywhere to run your Library. Your patrons can search, place Renewals, Holds and even check their records.

Overviews of our Products

Web or Intranet Full Control !

Install on your Server and push your library out to the internet or just run it across your network using it as an Intranet. One install does it all!

Overviews of our Products

Innovative solutions delivering a product,
with tomorrow’s technology – today!

Latest News

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Update data dynamically without effecting Circulation.

Patrons address and contact information from other applications
can be uploaded easily as
frequently as needed.

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Patrons can Search from Mac's, Windows and Linux Machines.

They can also Place Holds, Renew
and see what is new to the
Library's collection.

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Video Tutorials
are always available.

The Modular nature of the software allows you
and your staff to progress at a comfortable

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Upgrades are always ongoing

New upgrades come available every few
weeks driven by customer request
download as needed.

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Visit our Friday afternoon free Webinars!

Sometimes you just need to see it done and speak to a person.
Drop into a Webinar and
ask what you will.

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About Us

Over the past 24 years we have worked with a diverse range of Libraries creating specialized and unique solutions.

This has ranged from all general forms of Libraries to the unusual such as the development and maintenance of Submarine parts Inventory to Medical Analysis Programs. The use of RAD (rapid application development) tools allows us to quickly prototype and test new features.

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Our products

LiBRARYSOFT is our Client server or Single workstation solution.

LiBRARYSOFT is our Client-Server product that comes with optional Web Components.
Run on a single station, or on a workstation connected to a server. Patrons can search from
across your intranet or even across the internet.

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LiBRARYSOFTWeB is our Web Based Solution for Libraries.

No installation required. Work from anywhere anytime. Let us Host it for you on our servers
or you can run it all from yours. You can run a single Library, all the libraries in a School
District or University or a group of Public or Corporate Libraries.

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AutoCataloguing lets you automatically download data.

As easy as 1,2,3. Scan the ISBN, click Transfer, click Add to Database.
Load data from any z39.50 database worldwide.
Databases are pre-loaded.

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Extra programs, Barcode Scanners, Labels and Printers.

Some libraries require Extra Progras that have specialized features such as the ability to lock down computers or export data to Excel. We can provide almost any Scanner or Printer, just let us know what you need. Labels can be purchased from us but whenever possible we recommend simple labels from office supply stores that can perform the same task without shipping fees.
General Training videos are available online but we also provide specialized training Videos for our products that are available through download or CD.

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