Tutorial - Help Files (LiBRARYSOFT)

Tutorial Content covering material from Videos available as Help files, new menu option under Help Menu.

Tutorial - PDF (LiBRARYSOFT)

Downloadable PDF of Tutorial Content covering material from Videos.

Weeding, Report Wizard - Training Video (LiBRARYSOFT)

New Videos added May 23rd include "Weeding Items", "Wizard Report Creation" and "Entering Items, Printing Labels".

Setting Up AutoMatic Emails - Training Video (LiBRARYSOFT)

Emails can be sent to Patrons automtically until all items are returned. The Video covers how to set up and use Overdue and Borrowed Items along with General Notices.

Charging Fees - Training Video (LiBRARYSOFT)

With LiBRARYSOFT you can Charge a Fee Annually or Monthly, a warning message will appear when Fees have not been paid. The Video covers how to set things up.

The Beauty of SYNC (LiBRARYSOFT)

For some Libraries a total web based solution is unnecessary. However, the ability to allow their patrons to Search, Renew and place Holds and check their records from home is extremely useful. The new SYNC feature in LiBRARYSOFT does it. It can even be set to automatically update daily, included with LiBRARYSOFT at no extra charge.

Mutilingual Web Access (LiBRARYSOFTWeB)

We have always had multilingual capability in LiBRARYSOFT but now you can use mutiple languages even all in the same paragraph. Hebrew, Arabic, Ukranian and Chinese all in one line, perhaps not something one might ordinarily do but for multiculural libraries it allows patrons to search from home in their language of choice.